Originally intended as a chapter in A History of Hurling, the material was expanded into a stand-alone publication, and this book is the result.

The material is far-flung geographically tracing the history of hurling wherever the Irish diaspora lived in any sizeable numbers. The chapters cover Britain, Europe, North America, Argentina, South Africa and Australasia.

The photographs alone are one of the great merits of this publication. Nowhere else will one find such a complete photographic record of hurling in foreign lands.


Hardcover: 355 pages plus 64 pages of photographs
Published: 1998
Publisher: Seamus J. King
Printer: Sci-Print Ltd., Shannon, Co. Clare
Availability: No longer available
Links: North America GAA
  London GAA
  Gaelic Hurling and Football Association of Australasia
  GAA Clubs in Ireland and Abroad


"As with all Seamus King books, there is an invaluable statistical section at the end. Again, I suspect, these statistics are brought together for the very first time and will be a valuable reference point in the future."

"While books on the history of hurling are always likely to crop up, this is one that is unlikely to be repeated."

"He charts the game worldwide including an excellent in-depth chapter on the history of the game in Britain from the London County Board’s conception in 1896, to the present day. There is also a fascinating chapter on the game of hurling and shinty in Scotland."

"Combining an ear for good anecdotes with an eye for revealing photographs, King takes his readers on a tour-de-force that ranges from the lush grasslands of 19th Century Argentina to the deserts of modern Arabia."

"A fascinating story and a ‘must’ for all enthusiasts at home and abroad."

"Obviously researched with meticulous care as we have come to expect from a man whose dedication and application to the written word gives him a special place in the annals of G.A.A. scribes, Seamus King’s work makes fascinating reading for all who have the welfare of the great game of hurling at heart."

"In what is really a massive job of research, the author writes tellingly about hurling in many places and includes a section on results of matches played abroad as well as a lengthy bibliography which gives the lie to the idea that very few books have been written about the game."


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